Fundus photo

What is a fundus photo?

A highly specialized camera features high-powered lenses designed to focus on the tissues of the back of the eye. It is basically an eye microscope with a camera mounted on it. Fundus photography is used to document and sometimes diagnose eye diseases.

The word “fundus” describes the inner back of the eye globe. A typical fundus photo contains an image of the center of the retina. The optic nerve, macula and main blood vessels of the retina are structures seen in a typical photo of the seabed.

Wide-field fundus photo

Thanks to the evolution of technology, we are able to take photos of almost the entire retina even without instilling the pupil’s dilation drops (Optos®). It is extremely practical, fast and above all useful for documentation of the back of the eye, in order to give the retinal specialist a report for future comparison.

Performing a fundus photo shoot

If necessary, the pupil’s dilation drop is instilled, and then the patient approaches the camera and focuses on a bright target for just a few seconds. It is a simple, completely painless and relaxing process even for children.