Posterior vitreous detachment

Approximately 80% of the total volume of the eye occupies the vitreous body or vitreous a transparent substance in gel form. Over the years, this tissue shrinks, which can cause detachment from the underlying retina, resulting in the perception of shadows in the patient’s visual field, especially when focusing on a bright wall or directly on light, but even tear or retinal detachment. Immediate ophthalmological examination is required following the instillation of drops and dilation of the pupil (fundoscopy in mydriasis).


Perception of flashes (lights), shadows, floating spots, or lines, “spider web” mainly when focusing on a light background or bright light.


In case of vitreous detachment without accompanying retinal damage, therapeutic measures are not necessary. In case of hole or tear is treated with Argon-Laser, in case of retinal detachment or appearance of a hole of the macula surgical procedure is necessary.


The exact cause is unknown. Physical activity does not seem to play a role. Predisposing factors are myopia, cataract surgery, age over 60 years, severe trauma, bleeding or inflammation.